Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost for Registration?

Registration is FREE! However, You will be required to Upgrade your account to receive funds.


View the various packages by Clicking Here

How Long Does My Account Last?

Your Account has various Subscription duration. They are listed below:


  • STARTER – 30 Days
  • BASIC – 90 Days
  • CORPER – 90 Days
  • GOLD – 360 Days
  • RUBY – 360 Days
  • DIAMOND – 360 Days
Can I still request an upgrade after upgrading to any of the above packages?

YES! You can request an upgrade even after you have made an upgrade to Basic, Gold and Ruby packages. All you do is subtract the amount paid for your first upgrade to sum up the new package you want to be Upgraded to.


Example: I paid N7,500.00 to upgrade to Basic package and want to proceed to Diamond, I will just pay the sum of N40,000.00 to be upgraded to Diamond Package.

Can I Use My Device (Phone / Laptop) for another user?

NO! The system is very strict on use of multiple accounts on a device. your Account can be blocked or suspended if detected.

Can i register more than one account?

No! A person cannot register more than one account.


Any multiple account discovered will be “Suspended” and eventually “Blocked”

Must I click all Ads daily to maintain my account?

No! However it is necessary you do to increase your earnings and also to make sure your account doesn’t become inactive.

How long does it take to get paid?

Payment to Your Prepaid Card is within 3 to 7 Working Days.

Please if I don't withdraw often but using the platform, will my money be safe?


Your earnings is yours 100%.

Must I Refer someone before I benefit from the platform?


The Platform is a "Work and Earn" scheme and only requires your work. However, you can Refer friends and Families to earn certain commissions.

Must I use the Mobile Application?


Use of the Mobile Application only makes use of the website easier.

Can my Referral Link be shared via email and social media?


You can share your link and anyone who uses the Link to Register is automatically added to your downline.

Can I Withdraw on Starter Package?


Starter package is a trial package. You simply upgrade to withdraw.

Can I apply for multiple cars?


However, you can apply for members of your family and friends.

What if I forget my login information?

No problem!

You can contact our Customer Care Unit by calling 07002255987.

After payment for the various packages, how long will it take to get upgraded?

It takes a maximum of 24hours but in the case when it exceeds, you can contact the Customers Care Unit on 07002255987.